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Authentic Sinukmani from Hometown Goodies and Services

Authentic Sinukmani from Hometown Goodies and Services

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Sinukmani or Biko it’s still the same because in some places in the Philippines they call it sinukmani while here in the metro it’s known as biko.Filipinos have a lot of delicious food may it be snack, dessert or meal food. And when you say Kakanin, it means sweet native delicacies made from glutinous rice and coconut milk. Coming from the word Kain means to eat and Kanin means rice.
Here are my top 10 list of kakanin but not in order.
We love to eat these native kakanin because of it’s flavor and texture. Each kakanin from every region has it’s distinct flavor and way of cooking.Hometown Goodies and Services cooks sinukmani in a different way and produces the authentic taste that will bringss back chidhood memories.
It’s not the usual biko i eat which the malagkit is uncooked.or hard.
The malagkit is cooked in a way that the rice is soft. And upon cooking the malagkit will stick on the spatula not stick on the pan because of it’s stickiness while mixing. The flavor of the sinukmani is not so sweet since we also want those cater people who wants to eat sweets. And since we use latik a solid coconut sap that is cooked to become coconut oil. We know it is healthy
It is homecooked and each sinukmani is packed in a tampipi box with ribbon and tag on it.The packaging is designed as a food giftbox. It can be recycled after finishing the biko. The box is so lovely when decorated with ribbons. This helping the pandan weavers to have their livelihood. Since we want to promote local products and local food
What is so unique about our sinukmani is that it can last for 4 months if it’s chilled or refrigerated. It is a testimony from one client who brought it to the US.

All our foods are packed in a tampipi container. And we have a lot of recipe to choose from. You can visit our fb page and ig page. On my next story I will feature our Pansit Habhab.Read more about different stories of people, product reviews and events here on my blog and follow me on my social media accounts.

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