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Don’t let sickness, emergencies steal your holidays! Keep your loved ones ready and protected with MediCard’s RxER

Don’t let sickness, emergencies steal your holidays! Keep your loved ones ready and protected with MediCard’s RxER

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Makati City, Philippines – The holidays are here! Finally, it is the time of the year to relax, unwind, and enjoy all the festive activites with your family and friends. And perhaps, you are now busy listing all the possible gifts that would spark joy in your loved ones, regardless of whether they have been naughty or nice.

As everyone is eager to celebrate thts season, keep in mind that & can be a risky tme as well. The holidays frequently attract unwanted guests, such as illnesses and accidents ranging from road accidents to fireworks injuries.

A January 2022 report by the Department of Health (DOH) revealed there were 85 cases of fireworks-related injuries as the country celebrated the 2022 New Year. While the numbers continue to decrease each year, it pays off to be ready always for unforeseen emergencies that can steal your holiday celebrations.

MediCard RxER: The best gift you can give this season

To help you put one of the best gifts under the Chnstmas tree, MediCard. a leading health maintenance organization (HMO) in the Philippines, brings you MedrCard RxER so you can ensure that your loved ones are prepared for any unexpected situations while savoring the joy of the festive season.

The RxER provides a brand-new, specialized healthcare maintenance service that includes emergency, preventative, and outpatient treatment and ts created to give members of all ages the maximum value and convenience.

In hospitals recognized by MediCard, the overall cap for patients requiring emergency trauma care is PhP20,000. ER costs, professional fees, and urgent drugs connected to the condition of accidents, burns, animal bites, and accidental chemical poisoning are also included mn emergency care charges if it is within six hours from the time of the incident.

Emergency diagnostic procedures and lab tests up to PhP5.000. including MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound, are also covered. Additionally, coverage will be provided for tetanus toxoid, anti-tetanus serum, and current rabies vaccinaton. Regular casting and splint are also included.

ls it a one-time-use thing? No. Members may use emergency services more than once for the said circumstances if the limit has not yet been reached.

The gift that keeps on giving

Members of the RxER card are also entitled to an annual physical exam in any MediCard freestanding clinic and Uro Industrial Clinic (UROIC). This includes a complete blood count, a chest X-ray, a urinalysis, a fecalysis, and a general check-up for the entire year.
In addition, members get unlimited access to outpatient consultatons with primary care physicians, including general practitioners, general surgeons on a ciinic-to-clinic basis, obstetricians for non-maternity-related check-ups, pediatricians, famity medicine physicians, and medical internists. For other specialists and sub-specialists, on the other hand, the RxER covers a flat rate of PhP350 for consultations.
Other benefits of RxER include a 30% discount on outpatient laboratory and diagnostic tests, outpatient surgeries and other services, and procedures at the Skin & Body Clinic. it also gives its members dental services, such as one-time oral prophylaxis, dental consultatons, and a 30% discount on dental procedures.
All these may be availed of at any MediCard free-standing clinic in key cities natonwde https // There is no time to lose! Gift your loved ones these wonderful benefits now for onty PhP1.998 with no age imit and no medical check-up required. available on MediCard’s website, Shopee, Lazada, Medicard free-standing chrwcs. Maria Health, and more.
MediCard is a leading HMO founded and managed by doctors. Over the years. it has provided the most comprehensive and innovative healthcare programs and fitness activites to help people achieve healthier lives. To leam more about MediCard Phiippines, visit its website at https /www medicardphils com/.

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