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EarthDay Jam @ 23

EarthDay Jam @ 23

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Birthed in 2000, Earth Day Jam did not only become a phenomenal sensation in the Philippines but currently is longest-running international environmental tribute in the entire world. This year, Earthday Jam turns 23 and is celebrating through “Salaysayan at Kantahan Para Sa Inang Kalikasan!” campaign. Earthday Jam Foundation will visit various orphanages and youth centers in Quezon City and spread the experience of Earthday Jam to the children and youth for the whole month of May.“We thought of reaching out to those who cannot come out and watch outdoor concerts. We feel that this children and pre-teens from various youth facilities need support, not just through material things but in terms of creating memorable experiences for them. We just want to inspire them with this lively activity ”earthday jam“ and we are confident that they will be able to learn and somehow use whatever “green” practices and tips we share in their daily lives. We will also be able to influence the facilities, social workers and house parents to adopt “green” living in their mandate. It is quite exciting to see their smiles as we give short fun lectures and music jams from our pool of artists and musicians. Nakakataba ng puso !” ,enthuses Lou Bonnevie,Earthday Jam Foundation president.“For those who wish to be part of the campaign, we invite you to make your own pledge and take actions in promoting environmental preservation, conservation and management in you own way — to show you really care! We can do it in our homes, schools and work of place. Earthday is everyday and everywhere! ”Lou ended.
Special thanks to the support of QC government, First Gen Corporation, Lifebank Foundation, Pagcor, Cleene and Maynilad, Igan Foundation and Sipag-Villar Foundation.

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