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HongKong MX Pastries unveil it’s new Snack

HongKong MX Pastries unveil it’s new Snack

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Make your rainy months special by trying these new snacks from HongKong MX pastries Since lama foodie blogger | always want to try new food and look for new flavors that can satisfy my cravings and my daughter too Even before the pandemic we love to buy different snacks we see in the grocery. When I heard about Hongkong Pastnes, i got interested and try to open their shop at shopee and lazada We wanted to try their original hearty butter pastries but it was sold out. Maybe it taste so good.So we ordered Butter Cookies, since we love eating different cookies. We where satisfied because the flavor was good and fresh. It’s not the usual butter cookies i have tasted. They even gave us mini mooncake and assorted cookies.They have other Products to choose from like:

Original Hearty Butter pastries
Butter Cookies
Pettite Original Eggrolls
Pettite Matcha Eggrolls
Pettite Chocolate Eggrolls

They deliver fast but the only concern i have was that pieces of the cookies are cracked. That’s why I only choose the ones that are not cracked for photoAvail these product by visiting their website ot https //doubledownimportexportinc storehub me/ or visit their shop at shopee https’//shopee ph /ddhkmxproducts_ph and lazeda https //www lazada com ph/shop/dd hong kong-mx-products/#MXLETSSNACK #HKMXproductsph #partipostph

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