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Intro to Our Family Travel and Food Trip Last July 2022

Intro to Our Family Travel and Food Trip Last July 2022

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Nothing beats family travel after 2 years of not seeing each other. This is just the right time to bond and spend quality time with the family.

My sister Pamela , bro in-law Bobby and 2 nephews Bien and Daniel arrived last month to spend their summer vacation here with us.

At the airport watching people waiting for their love ones and laughter with tears upon seeing them is so touching. Same thing happened to us when we saw them approaching. It was such an emotional scene when my mom saw her apos from the US when we arrived home.

I will be sharing some photos and video on my next blog on where is will be the next travel destination, new getaway, resorts. Since we also went to different new restos in Tagatay. I will also be posting it on my next article.

This is just a teaser of our july getaway so stay tuned. And please follow me here at my blog and other social media accts.


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